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Measuring Athlete Asymmetries: The 'Calculation Conundrum'

Did you know there are at least ten different equations for calculating athlete asymmetries? As Dr Chris Bishop previously discussed for Global Performance Insights, we face a 'Calculation Conundrum' when trying to quantify an asymmetry from athlete performance testing in sports science.

In the video below, I discuss asymmetries in more detail, including all the 'Calculation Conundrum' equations and why it matters whether you're conducting a bilateral or unilateral test with your athletes:

This video is part of our sports science athlete testing series with VALD Performance, in which I discuss common athlete tests, best practice testing protocols, metrics and data analysis, key scientific research, and test strengths and limitations.

Thank you to today's sponsor VALD Performance. Find out more about their ForceDecks force plates on their website.


00:00 Introduction to Athlete Asymmetry Testing

00:58 Intralimb vs Interlimb Asymmetries

05:48 The Calculation Conundrum: Different Ways to Calculate Asymmetry

11:37 Today's Sponsor: VALD Performance's ForceDecks

12:20 Choosing the Right Asymmetry Calculation for Bilateral vs Unilateral Tests 19:05 Adding Direction to the Asymmetry Calculation

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