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The Dynamic Strength Index Explained

The Dynamic Strength Index (DSI) is the ratio of peak force from a countermovement jump (CMJ) to peak force from an isometric mid thigh pull (IMTP). This data can be captured by force plate technology, such as VALD Performance's ForceDecks.

The DSI can be used to guide your strength and conditioning programme for each athlete.

Watch the video below to learn how:

For more on the Dynamic Strength Index, including the case studies discussed in the video above, read this post.

This video is part of our sports science athlete testing series with VALD Performance, in which I discuss common athlete tests, best practice testing protocols, metrics and data analysis, key scientific research, and test strengths and limitations.

Thank you to today's sponsor VALD Performance. Find out more about their ForceDecks force plates on their website.


00:00 Introduction to Dynamic Strength Index

00:50 Calculating the Dynamic Strength Index

01:32 Examples and Interpretation of DSI

04:37 Alternative Exercises for DSI Calculation

07:07 Practical Considerations for DSI Calculation

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