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I am Jo Clubb, an international Sports Science Consultant with extensive experience in elite professional team sports. As the founder of Global Performance Insights, I offer bespoke sports science consultancy services to help athletes and teams achieve peak performance through evidence-based methods and innovative sports science.

With over a decade in applied sports science, I've worked with top teams including the Buffalo Bills (NFL), Buffalo Sabres (NHL), and Premier League clubs Chelsea FC and Brighton and Hove Albion FC. My expertise includes monitoring training load, conducting physical profiling and testing, developing athlete management systems, and incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) in sport. 

I hold a Bachelor's in Sport and Exercise Science from Loughborough University and a Master's in High Performance Sport from Australian Catholic University. I contribute to the scientific community through peer-reviewed publications, textbook contributions, and frequent speaking engagements at international sports science conferences and events, as well as university lectures. Passionate about open science and education, I share sports science insights through my blog and YouTube channel.

My mission is to make sports science digestible.

Want to know more?

Sports Scientist - Consultant - Researcher - Speaker - Writer - Mentor

About Jo Clubb

​You can view and request full text access to all of the following journal publications on my ResearchGate page.

  • Beato, M., Madsen, E. E., Clubb, J., Emmonds, S., & Krustrup, P. (2024). Monitoring Readiness to Train and Perform in Female Football: Current Evidence and Recommendations for Practitioners. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 19(3), 223-231.

  • Mandorino, M., Clubb, J., & Lacome, M. (2024). Predicting Soccer Players’ Fitness Status Through a Machine-Learning Approach. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 1(aop), 1-11.

  • West, S. W., Clubb, J., Blake, T. A., Fern, J., Bowles, H., & Dalen-Lorentsen, T. (2024). Big data. Big potential. Big problems?. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, 10(2), e001994.

  • West, S., Shrier, I., Impellizzeri, F., Clubb, J., Ward, P., & Bullock, G. (2024). Training Load Management Ambiguities and Flawed Logic: Creating Consequences in Sport Training and Performance. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. Under review.

  • Clubb, J., Allen, S. V., & Yung, K. K. (2022). Selection of Key Performance Indicators for Your Sport and Program: Proposing a Complementary Process-Driven Approach. Strength & Conditioning Journal, 10-1519.

  • Clubb, J., Towlson, C., & Barrett, S. (2022). Measurement properties of external training load variables during standardised games in soccer: Implications for training and monitoring strategies. Plos one, 17(1), e0262274.

  • Torres-Ronda, L., Clubb, J., & Beanland, E. (2022). Tracking systems in team sports: Back to basics. Sport Perform Sci Rep, 159, 1-9.

  • Torres-Ronda, L., Beanland, E., Whitehead, S., Sweeting, A., & Clubb, J. (2022). Tracking systems in team sports: a narrative review of applications of the data and sport specific analysis. Sports Medicine-Open, 8(1), 15.

  • Greenberg, W., & Clubb, J. (2021). Why ‘best practice’is not always best in sport. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 55(22), 1249-1250.

  • Harper, D., Sandford, G. N., Clubb, J., ... & Kiely, J. (2021). Elite football of 2030 will not be the same as that of 2020: What has evolved and what needs to evolve?. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 31(2), 493-494.

  • West, S. W., Clubb, J., Torres-Ronda, L., Howells, D., Leng, E., Vescovi, J. D., ... & Windt, J. (2021). More than a metric: how training load is used in elite sport for athlete management. International journal of sports medicine, 42(04), 300-306.

  • Sarto, F., Impellizzeri, F. M., ... Clubb, J., & Franchi, M. V. (2020). Impact of potential physiological changes due to COVID-19 home confinement on athlete health protection in elite sports: a call for awareness in sports programming. Sports medicine, 50, 1417-1419.

  • Clubb, J., & McGuigan, M. (2018). Developing Cost-Effective, Evidence-based load monitoring systems in strength and conditioning practice. Strength & Conditioning Journal, 40(6), 75-81.

  • Rowell, A. E., Aughey, R. J., Clubb, J., & Cormack, S. J. (2018). A standardized small sided game can be used to monitor neuromuscular fatigue in professional A-league football players. Frontiers in physiology, 9, 367367.

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