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Jo Clubb Sports Performance Scientist holding clipboard

About Jo

Prior to moving to the United States, Jo Clubb had never been to an ice hockey game. Nor did she understand the rules of American football. That did not stop her being recruited for a new challenge; to provide scientific support to teams at the pinnacle of these sports: the NHL and NFL, respectively.

Drawing on these experiences along with those from her time in English football, Jo is uniquely positioned to unlock insights through research and development that impact the quest for excellence.

Jo understands the unique social and cultural dynamic found across different environments, and appreciates the adaptability required to impact each performance ecosystem.

As a Sports Science Consultant, she is passionate about growth, both in herself and others, and strives to develop people through her academic and mentoring projects.

Jo values connection and looks forward to hearing from you on her blog, via the contact page, or on social media.

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