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Isometric Mid Thigh Pull Strength Test: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Feb 2

In this video, we're going to show you the Isometric Mid Thigh Pull (IMTP) strength test. This isometric strength tests provides an assessment of an athlete's total body strength. Combined with data from a Countermovement Jump (CMJ) test, it can actually help to plan an athlete's strength and conditioning programme.

This video is part of our sports science athlete testing series with VALD Performance, in which I discuss common tests, best practice protocols, metrics and analysis, key research, and test strengths and limitations.

Thank you to today's sponsor VALD Performance. For more information on VALD's ForceDecks visit:


00:00 Strength testing options

00:52 Test protocol

04:50 Data analysis

10:33 Test strengths and limitations

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