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Wellness Questionnaires for Athlete Monitoring

Wellness questionnaires, also called Athlete Self Report Measures (ASRM), are an important part of an athlete monitoring system. They capture the subjective response to the athlete's training load. But do they actually work, and if so, how can you best implement them?

In this video, I discuss the sports science research investigating their sensitivity to training load. I also discuss the kinds of questions you could ask athletes and how to analyse the data. Finally, I provide three key tips for implementing them with your athletes.


00:00 - Intro

00:25 - Do Athlete Self Report Measures (ASRM) work?

03:56 - What questions should I ask?

07:18 - An important word of caution!

07:38 - How should I analyse the data?

10:13 - 3 keys to implementing wellness questionnaires


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