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Calf Muscle Complex: Anatomy, Function & Testing

Updated: Feb 2

In this video, we're going to discuss different options for calf muscle strength testing. Calf raises are a common test for the calf muscle, but sports technology now allows us test calf strength in more detail. I'll also discuss calf anatomy and function, explaining why the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles are so important to athletes.

This video is part of our sports science athlete testing series with VALD Performance, in which I discuss common tests, best practice protocols, metrics and analysis, key research, and test strengths and limitations.

Thank you to today's sponsor VALD Performance.

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00:00 Intro

00:56 Calf complex anatomy & function

05:43 Calf raise test

06:22 Dynamo: Handheld dynamometer

07:09 ForceFrame: Fixed dynamometer

07:23 IMPORTANT note on calf function!

09:33 ForceDecks: Force plate testing

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