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Measuring Complete Acceleration within Athlete Training Load

If you monitor training load in multi-directional athletes (like those in team sports), you need to watch this video! We know acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction are all critical movement demands for sports performance and injury risk. But we are missing a critical piece...

In this video, Andrew Gray, Founder of Athletic Data Innovations (ADI), talks us through 'direction change acceleration'. We are currently missing this calculation from traditional tracking analysis. The ADI Acceleration Methodology measures and tracks 'Complete Acceleration', enabling the quantification of mechanical cost of all multidirectional movement.

To talk more to Andrew about his ADI platform and to see a live, in-depth demo, contact him on LinkedIn or get in touch through the Global Performance Insights contact page.


0:00 Introductions & Background

02:40 Multi-directional movement analysis

07:45 Speed vs velocity

09:45 Direction change acceleration

18:49 Different tracking technologies

20:57 Demonstration

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