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Training Load Monitoring: Academic & Practitioner Perspective

Updated: May 30

Monitoring training load has emerged as a pivotal topic, engaging both academic researchers and applied practitioners in sports science alike. These discussions delve into the advantages, limitations, and the evolving methodologies shaping the field's future.

To explore training load from both an academic and practitioner perspective I teamed up with Stuart McErlain-Nayler. He is a lecturer in sport and exercise biomechanics at Loughborough University, and myself (Jo Clubb), a sports science consultant with extensive experience in professional team sports. We recently engaged in a two-part collaboration to explore these intricacies.

In this series, we wanted to discuss training load monitoring from our two different perspectives; the academic's perspective and the practitioner's perspective. How can we bridge the gap between the lab and the field?

We explored the concept of accuracy in training load monitoring and its relevance to real-world applications. We highlighted the importance of defining the specific purposes for which metrics are used and the need for collaborative efforts to establish reliable predictive models linking training loads to performance outcomes and injury risks.

Here is the Academic perspective, hosted on the Global Performance Insights YouTube channel:

Here is the Practitioner's Perspective, hosted on Stuart's YouTube Channel:

Through this conversation, we wanted to shed light on the complexities and nuances of training load monitoring in sports science. By bridging the gap between academic research and applied practice, we advocate for a collaborative approach to address the evolving challenges and opportunities in this field. As sports science continues to evolve, ongoing dialogue and collaboration between academia and applied practice will be essential in driving innovation and maximising performance outcomes for athletes worldwide.


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