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New Publication: Selection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Your Sport and Program

I'm delighted to share our new article in the Strength and Conditioning Journal:

Thanks to Kate Yung and Sian Allen for this collaboration. Thanks also to Tim Suchomel for the invitation to contribute to the special issue on sports science in the SCJ!

For those unable to access the full text, you can request a copy here via ResearchGate.

In this article, we proposed an on-going process tracker (OPT) framework to complement the use of KPIs in sports organisation. We discussed what the characteristics of effective process trackers are and how to select and use them.

Key Points:

  • KPIs can be problematic given the complex and nonlinear nature of team sports performance.

  • A basket of trackers allows different key stakeholders to engage and align to support the behaviours that can lead to long-term goals of an organization.

  • Focus on the processes and behaviours that constitute the pathway to performance success.

  • Develop antigoals to prevent the Goodhart’s law.


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