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New Publication: Developing Cost-effective and Evidence-based Load Monitoring Systems

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I am really proud to be able to share my first publication as the first name author. It was my pleasure to be guided by the legendary Prof Mike McGuigan in this article for the Strength and Conditioning Journal. This paper was inspired by a visit to a college setting, where they were stretched thin in terms of time, staff, and financial resources, and yet they spent almost their entire annual budget on investing in a tracking technology. Was this necessary, suitable, impactful? Consequently, I wanted to explore the cost-effective and yet still evidence-based strategies that should form the foundation of load monitoring systems.

Available on the Strength and Conditioning Journal website here

Available to request via Researchgate here

Audio Abstract here

Clubb, J & McGuigan, M. Developing cost-effective, evidence-based load monitoring systems in strength and conditioning practice. Strength and Conditioning Journal. Published Ahead of Print. doi: 10.1519/SSC.0000000000000396


The purpose of this paper is to outline evidence-based fundamentals of a monitoring system for athletes. This includes time- and cost-effective interventions across load monitoring, measuring wellness responses, and recovery strategies that can be employed regardless of budget size. Analysis approaches are included to outline how to analyze data collected by such a system. Considerations for implementing technology into the applied environment are also discussed. Finally, an example from a team sport is included to showcase how such measures and analyses can be incorporated into a program.


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