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My Business Tools for Sports Science Consultancy

I'm just over two years into being a business owner now, so I thought I'd lift the lid on some of the tools I find most useful to deliver my sports science consultancy services with Global Performance Insights.

Last year I shared my twelve lessons for twelve months as a self-employed Sports Science Consultant, which you can read here. This year I am sharing my top twelve business tools! (Initially shared on Instagram: @JoClubbSportSci.)

Infographic of my consultancy business tools. 12 logos of tools; gmail, google calendar, calendly, fiverr, wix, canva, pubmed, zotero, R programming, descript, ChatGPT, buffer


Gmail - Business email address.

Google Calendar - I would be lost without this!

Calendly - To allow others to book in meetings with me at a day and time that suits both of us. Saves the multiple emails back and forth discussing schedules.


Fiverr - Created the Global Performance Insights logo!

Wix - I built my own website on Wix and use it to host this blog!

Canva - The secret to all my resource creation 🤫


PubMed - My go-to for research.

Zotero - I honestly can't believe it took me so long to start using a citation manager. So much more efficient for research and writing. If you're not using one yet, check out my Zotero tutorial on YouTube to get started!

R Programming - Learning a coding language is not easy but sports scientists outgrow Excel pretty quickly these days and so the time invested to do so is well worth it.


Descript - An AI-driven video editor in which you use the transcript to edit the video.

ChatGPT - Can help with most things. Have a look at my YouTube tutorial for ideas on how to make use of it.

Buffer - For social media scheduling.

Those are my top 12 tools so far. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you use these tools as well? Are there others I should be using?

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