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Looking for Sports Science Insights?

I am building a YouTube channel for sports science and medicine practitioners to help distil key insights from research and applied practice.

In the spirit of open science, I am creating short form, open-access videos. In a world where information is abundant and overwhelming, these videos aim to address a particular question or topic in a succinct manner. Along with my blog insights, I am building the following playlists that discuss sports science, career tips, books, and presentation highlights.

Sports Science Insights

These videos will discuss a specific sports science topic, with links to some of the most pertinent research in that area. In the first video (below), I discuss the difference between internal and external training load, and whether there is a need to capture both.

Future videos include discussions on RPE, wellness questionnaires, tracking technologies, injury aetiology models, and hamstring injury risk mitigation strategies.

Career Insights

This series will focus on tips and advice on developing a career in sports science. This first video covers five mistakes by sport scientists on job and internship applications.

Book Insights

As a bit of a bookworm, I wanted to challenge myself to pull out key insights from the books I'm reading. These lessons are focussed on sports practitioners but often relevant to people across a whole variety of fields.

The first book I discuss is The Practice by Seth Godin (below), and upcoming videos include Atomic Habits, Effortless, and To Sell is Human.

Presentation & Podcast Insights

Included in this playlist are clips and highlights from various webinars and podcasts, including the clip below on balancing value and burden in sports technology data collection, from a webinar in collaboration with Output Sports.

What to get involved?

I am very open to feedback (and video editing tips as that is a new venture for me!).

I am also open to collaboration so if you have a topic or format you would like to propose, please get in touch to discuss.

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Cohen MacDonald
Cohen MacDonald
Sep 14, 2022

Thanks for posting these Jo! Looking forward seeing the content.

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