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Finding Female Sports Scientists

One evening this week, I casually put out a tweet asking to connect with other female Sports Scientists. I was surprised and uplifted by the overwhelming engagement. I received responses from women all over the world, as well as from male allies introducing their colleagues.

I'm embedding the tweet here as a reference list. Anytime you want to widen your Sports Science network, look for a speaker, find potential job or internship candidates, or point an aspiring practitioner in the direction of an inspiring list of female Sports Scientists, just click on the link below.

When it comes to diversity, visibility is essential. In a male dominant industry - Sportsmith surveys have consistently had female respondent rates around 3-4% - it is important to show aspiring female practitioners there is a pathway for them. For more on the actionable steps we can all take to promote gender diversity in sports science, check out this post.

"If you can see it, you can be it"


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