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Discussing Decelerations for Sportsmith

My latest post for Sportsmith is now live! Decelerations have been described by Damian Harper as the “most overlooked aspect of athletic performance.” Yet, they are crucial to both performance and injury risk.

As attention on this physical demand is (rightly) increasing, appropriately capturing and monitoring deceleration load is vital. Accepting the "black box" solutions from sports technology companies is not sufficient for the critical practitioner. So, I set out to provide a practical guide to monitoring decelerations.

Article heading for Practical guidelines for monitoring decelerations: Time to speed up


If you missed my previous post for Sportsmith, you can find it here. I explored the frequently asked question; which metrics should you use? We face a flood of load monitoring data, from which we are tasked with selecting the most pertinent metrics to report to key stakeholders.

Like Goldilocks, we want to avoid selecting too many, or too few load monitoring metrics. My framework provides four overarching considerations to assist practitioners with selecting the number of metrics that are just right.

Article heading for Training load monitoring and the Goldilocks strategy

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