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Workload Monitoring Insights for Sportsmith

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I am honoured to be a part of Rob Pacey's new project, Sportsmith. Sportsmith is not only the new home for the Pacey Performance Podcast, but also articles from 25 industry experts, live webinars, and reports, all as part of the mission to provide a 360 degree view of performance.

I'll be discussing workload monitoring for Sportsmith and for my first article, I explore the frequently asked question; which metrics should you use? We face a flood of load monitoring data, from which we are tasked with selecting the most pertinent metrics to report to key stakeholders. So where can we begin in trying to filter the data to the most important?

"We strive to select enough metrics that value is not filtered out, but not so many metrics that the message is lost. One of our greatest challenge is in selecting the number of metrics that are ‘just right’." Jo Clubb on

Like Goldilocks, we want to avoid selecting too many, or too few load monitoring metrics. My framework provides four overarching considerations to assist practitioners with selecting the number of metrics that are just right. Click on the image below to read more about these four steps to selecting workload management measures.

Be sure to connect with SportsmithHQ on Twitter and sign up for free to access all the fantastic content.


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