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Global Performance Insights is trusted by professional sports teams, governing bodies, sports technology and data analytics companies, and sports scientists around the world to deliver sports science insights.

Founded by Sports Scientist Jo Clubb, Global Performance Insights

translates sports science knowledge into action.


My name is Jo Clubb

I am a Sports Science Consultant with more than a decade of experience working at the pinnacle of team sports, including the Premier League, NHL, and NFL. My career has taken me around the world, providing sports science support to elite teams and athletes.

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How I Work with my Partners

I partner with sports teams, organisations, and individuals globally, ensuring each strategy is customised to their unique context and needs. While each project is individually tailored, the following roles are pivotal in my delivery:



As an 'External Teammate',

I translate evidence-based research into actionable sports science interventions designed specifically for each team and organisation's needs. 

Delivered to FIFA, Premier League, EFL, MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS, and US Collegiate teams, among others.

Image of Sports Scientist Jo Clubb as a science communicator. Jo is sat on a stool in front of a green screen being filmed for a sports science lecture.

Science Communicator

As a dedicated Science Communicator, I simplify complex sports science concepts into digestible insights via engaging content that educates the sports science community.

Delivered in collaboration with international sports technology companies.



Committed to bridging the gap between research and practice, I offer speaking engagements, tailored educational resources, and mentorship to develop and empower sports scientists with the knowledge to drive excellence.

Delivered to governing bodies, sports teams and practitioners.

Latest Sports Science Posts

Popular YouTube Videos

On the Global Performance Insights YouTube channel, I share sport science insights videos on topics such as training load, athlete testing and monitoring, sports injury prevention, strength and conditioning, artificial intelligence in sport, and more. Additionally, I share invaluable tips and advice tailored for aspiring and developing practitioners eager to cultivate their careers and enhance their skills in sports science.

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