Referee lifting arm of victorious boxer fighter

Performance is complex. 
Are you missing insights?

We understand how to optimise systems to harness human performance.

We ADD to organisations through; Auditing your processes, Developing your people, and Delivering performance solutions bespoke to the constraints of your environment.

A globe being used as a football

Global Experiences

Experiences from elite sporting environments around the world allow us to understand the complexity and individuality of performance ecosystems, from which we translate specific needs into actionable solutions.

Swimmer focussed on performance during butterfly

Performance Centred

Performance is not an endpoint - it is the ongoing quest to execute when it matters. We assess the constraints of your environment to ensure your processes are continually focused on maximising your performance assets.

A magnifying glass looking for insights

Insightful Perspectives

We help you find and maintain competitive advantage over your rivals. ​As an 'External Teammate', we provide an unbiased and cognitively diverse perspective that uncovers insights that impact performance.

Performance Scientist Jo Clubb speaking into microphone

Passionate about Performance

Jo Clubb is a Performance Scientist with more than a decade of experience working at the pinnacle of team sports. 

"My career has taken me around the world providing scientific support to elite teams and athletes. These experiences have afforded me a unique perspective from which to blend science with art, objectivity with subjectivity, and experiment with experience. I am driven to make an impact anywhere performance matters."