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What Causes Sports Injuries? Aetiology Models Explained

Why do injuries occur in sport? Injury aetiology/etiology models in sports medicine discuss how injuries happen. Before we try to reduce risk through injury prevention, it is important to first consider how they occur in the first place.

In this video, I discuss some of the most important injury aetiology models from the sports science research. How do injury risk factors interact? Is training load involved? What is a complex systems approach?


00:00 - Intro

00:18 - The definition of Aetiology/Etiology

01:07 - The sequence of prevention

02:17 - A multifactorial model

03:22 - A biomechanical focus

04:19 - Adding the inciting event

05:23 - The dynamic and recursive nature

06:32 - Incorporating training load

08:25 - What about psychology?

09:20 - Complex systems approach

11:30 - All models are wrong!

#sportscience #sportsinjury #injuryprevention

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